3 Reasons Google Play Console Organic Insights Are Not Valuable 

Google Play Console update provided developers more visibility on how people discover their apps and know about insights down the funnel. The play console is a great tool to monitor and identify positive and negative trends.

But every update comes with a limitation. Following are the three limitations you need to know:

  • First, we have the inability for full keyword visibility. In an update, the lower performing keywords that can possibly perform well and can have great potential are hidden in “Other” category.limitations
  • Inability of country breakdown. The update comes with the inability of country breakdown for the keywords along with explore/search data.
  • You get a lack of visibility in explore traffic. There is the absence of the clarity related to the traffic from which source it is coming. The reason can be that explore traffic is affected tremendously by Google’s algorithm.

Now, you are aware of the reasons due to which Google Play Console Organic Insights is not valuable. Furthermore, if you are looking to optimize your apps, then you can get in touch with ASO experts to get satisfactory results and get guidance to rank well.