5 Tips for Best Performing App Preview Video on iOS


 5 Tips for Best Performing App Preview Video on iOS

Apple frequently updates their software and we need to update the apps accordingly. In this blog, we will be looking at the five tips to help you create better App Preview Video that will assist you in improving the CVR and will help you in driving quality installs:

  • You should start the practice with an impactful message. In iOS, the video watch time is 4-6.5 seconds and video completion rate are below 20%. So, if your taking more than 30 seconds most of the visitor will miss it.video with sound and with out sound]
  • You should use each video asset that focuses on the specific aspect of your app. You should develop a 3-6 second looping GIF video on a single feature.
  • You need to make your video work with sound and without sound.

You should use easy to understand language that will make sense for your target audience.

  • You need to localize your video. The process of localization refers to adapting app store metadata that include keywords, description, app name, screenshots.
  • To fully optimize your video, you should use app store testing platforms.

Hope these five tips will increase your knowledge. If you are looking to optimize your app and desire to improve the ranking, then you contact ASO experts for the right guidance.