5 Updates about the New Google Play Design

Google has rolled out the new Google Play Store Listing Design. As a developer, you should be aware of the new update that will be coming. For your information, following are the five key changes in the update:

  • Feature graphic is no more. It was one of the prominent assets on store listing. Now gallery is taking its places and most significant element to optimize.
  • Now video will appear within the Gallery as opposed to the Feature Graphic. Now the focus is shifted toward video. A video will help you to lift the CVR up to 40%.
  • Don’t assume that the things will work same on iOS and Google Play Store. The design, user, and traffic, all are different and these both are two different platforms. Don’t mix them.
  • The screenshot will be now having more importance in the First Impression Frame. It will have an impact on your CVR. Ensure your screenshot is giving a convincing message to your audience.
  • You should quickly look at the impact the new layout will have on your app. You should update accordingly to increase your CVR.

Hope you will be updating your app according to new design layout soon. If you want any assistance in optimizing your apps, then you should contact ASO experts to help you out.