3 ASO Tips for Game Developers


3 ASO Tips for Game Developers

The mobile gaming industry accounts for total more than $50 Billion, that is nearly half of all the global gaming revenue. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are playing their vital role in establishing the importance of mobile games.

Keeping in view the growing trend of games and big market potential, following are the three tips for every game developer:

1-Analyze Your Game Unique Position with Midcore Spectrum

The midcore games fall in the middle in the game spectrum. The audience in this spectrum is defined. Some people love Bubble Shooter or Match 3 while some are looking to play strategy games with a narrative.

2-Optimize Unique Visitor BehaviorOptimize Unique

You need to optimize for a unique visitor behavior. You will get two types of visitor landing on your page. This includes Decisive visitors and Exploring Visitors. Decisive visitors represent 60% and exploring visitor represents 40% of all app store traffic.

3-Character Representation is Essential 

Once you know the position of your game and audience behavior now, you Character Representationshould focus on how you can represent your game in app stores via characters and overall style of your page.

Hope these three tips will be helpful. If you are looking to optimize your games in the app store, then you need to contact app store experts to improve your ranking.