3 Traffic Sources for Attracting Users to Store Listing

App store or Google Store all are having their own rules. The main purpose of these stores is to attract more user to the store. In this blog, we will be discussing the three different types of traffic sources that are driving the users to your store listing:

1-Search Trafficsearch traffic

The traffic of users that come directly to your page by searching your brand, searching your relevant keywords, and looking your app in the Search Result Page. Your Icon, Gallery, and App Title are the most important elements because these are the only assets that appear in search results.

2-Explore Trafficexplore traffic

It is also known as Browse Traffic. The traffic of the users that comes to your page by exploring top charts, Google Play homepage, or Google’s navigation tabs. Your Icon is the most impactful element that needs to be optimized in as it is the primary visual asset that appears when users browse.

3-Paid User Acquisition (UA) Traffic

The traffic of users that arrives at your page via paid campaigns through sources such as Google, Facebook, or network traffic (SDK platforms). You should optimize the First Impression Frame because all traffic coming from referral sources will reach your Store Listing.

These were the threes sources of traffic. If you are looking to get assistance in optimizing your apps, then contact ASO experts to improve the ranking of your apps.