7 Deadly App Store Testing Sins You Need to Avoid

App store optimization is not an easy task because the mobile marketers have to face the challenges in optimizing the app for Google play store and App store. There are many companies doing app store testing efforts and today we will be discussing seven deadly app store testing sins you should be doing that need to be avoided are listed below:

  1. You will be testing on Google experiments and implement the end results on Apple app store, that’s totally wrong.
  2. You will be optimizing your app for the wrong audience.
  3. You will be testing without any direction and this will not give you the desired results.app store testing
  4. You might be measuring the results in an invalid way.
  5. You will not be updating the app store on regular basis.
  6. You will be driving a conclusion from a premature test that will not benefit you.
  7. You will not be analyzing your App Store Engagement Data.

These were seven deadly sin you might be doing and this will not give you good results. To avoid these problems, you need to get in touch with app store optimization experts for the right assistance.