Exploring SEO tips every where will lead you to Most lists of SEO tips which are overwhelming. They give generic advice like ‘write better content’ and ‘improve user experience,’ and you will get bombard with hundreds of tips in one blog post.

After reading all those, we decided to rewrite the post same like 10 steps to build social media campaign and focus only on the most actionable tips that you can do in less than 20 minutes.

Here are the SEO tips:

  1. Improve existing content with missing subtopics
  2. Send emails to everyone you link to
  3. Add internal links to new pages
  4. Do an annual content audit
  5. Repurpose blog posts as videos
  6. Respond to relevant HARO requests
  7. Monitor competing backlinks for underperforming content
  8. Fix pages with broken backlinks
  9. Convert images into backlinks
  10. Install a caching plugin
  11. Optimize for ‘definition’ featured snippets
  12. Embed your videos in relevant posts