Role of App Store Engagement Data in Marketing Strategy

App store optimization is becoming difficult day by day. The apps number is in millions on both Play Store and App Store. The competition is getting tougher and it’s hard to differentiate the app from your competitors. Generally, mobile marketing is about understanding your users. You need to identify what your user wants, what they are looking in your products, and how they are making their decision about buying the product through the various funnel stages:

Being a mobile marketer, you have to face a challenging environment to carry out the functions. You need to keep the following changes in your mind about engagement data and deal with it:

Store optimization

Store optimization

  • The changing algorithms of The App Store and Google Play Store.
  • The constantly changing consumer demand and preferences.
  • You should keep the constantly changing competitive landscape in your category.
  • You need to stay updated about the trends related to design and messaging.
  • Be aware of the real-world events and seasonality change to act accordingly.

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