10 Tips for App Store Optimisation

ASO is the way to ensure that your designed app is meeting the ranking criteria and they appear on the search engine result pages. If you are thinking to make your app more discover able, then the ten tips for

App store optimisation are listed below:

1-You should understand the need of your customers to provide them the right thing. Furthermore, you should be aware of the competition that you will be facing.

2-You should select the right app name that will be giving the right idea about its functionality. According to statistics, apps having relevant keyword will rank 10.3% more as compared to the app that is not having a title keyword.

3-Properly add your keyword in your app description. For play store, you have to add a keyword in 4000 characters. In the case of App Store, you have 100 characters field to add a keyword.

4-Try to write a compelling and engaging description for your app. Describe your app properly.

5-Prepare a unique icon for your app so that it can have its own identity.

localize your app listing

6-You should localize your app listing

7-Frequently update it.

8-Encourage your audience for feedback and ratings.

9- Increase audience traffic by promoting it on other platforms.

10 Add videos and screenshots to convey your message to the audience.

These above-mentioned tips will surely help you in optimising your app.

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