ASO Best Practices to Design and Run Effective Screenshots Test

The screenshot gallery in your app design is one of the important assets that visitor sees. This will help you in making or breaking your entire app performance. Here we will be looking at the steps to optimize your screenshot and to design your screenshot:

Optimization of Screenshot Message

To deliver a good message through your app you need to get answers for the questions about:

  • What’s your significant selling point?
  • What emotions you will invoke in your visitor?
  • What makes your app different from the competition?
  • Can you create a sense of urgency?
  • Is your UI/UX the most important selling point?

Once you get the answer, then you can define your target audience, do in-depth research for competition, and develop a strong action to proceed further.

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Designing Screenshots

For this you need to decide the following things:

Design Style: For app, there are three styles including features, lifestyle-oriented screenshots, and hybrid screenshots.

For games, the styles are five including gameplay, character, feature, art-oriented screenshots and hybrid screenshots.

Orientation of the Gallery

You need to decide orientation either it will be portrait, landscape-orientated asset or will be a combination of both.

Hope this information will help. If you are looking to optimize your apps and make them visible in the search ranking contact profession ASO expert for satisfactory results.

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