App Icon Test- Everything You Need to Know

Optimized app icon

App Icon Test- Everything You Need to Know

The app icon is the key for the app store optimization. You need to pay attention on your app icon. Following blog will tell you about the important aspect of the app icon:

Significance of App Icon Testing

App icon is the identity of your app. Optimized app icon can boost conversion up to 30%.

Mistake to Avoid in App Icon Testing

Following mistakes should be avoided during the app icon testing:

  • Unavailability of a clear hypothesis.
  • Just relying on the Google Experiment Results.
  • Use of similar creatives on the App store and Google Play Store.

Ways to Maximize Success for App Icon Test

maximize the success rate

You should do the following to maximize the success rate in app icon testing:

  • You should develop a strong hypothesis.
  • Understand the importance of metric that include app store engagement data, different traffic sources, and re-engagement data.

You should do app icon testing to optimize it properly and increase the conversion rate. You should add videos and screen shot during the optimization to get 40% higher CVR. If you are looking for professional help, it is better to contact app store optimization experts to rank your app better.

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