Ads help you to promote your business and to showcase your products or services to your audience. Before, we move on to the ways to improve our return on ad spending, let’s first get the understanding about the ROAS.

What Is ROAS (Return on Ad Spending)?

It is a metric that marketers use to evaluate how many dollars they have earned on each dollar they have spent in their advertising campaign. To improve your ROAS, you can use the following seven ways:

1-Run a Branded PPC Campaign
Implementing a real branded PPC campaign can be a turning point to get your dollars invested in the right place. The branded search ad campaign will pay you 2 to 4 times more as compared to the non-branded campaign.

2-Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversion
When user clicks on your ad, the half work is done. But if you are looking for conversion, then you need to ensure that your landing page is properly optimized for conversion.

3-Don’t Rely on Broad Match
When you are using a broad match in your Google ad campaign it is one of great ways to check which keyword are offering the best return. Remember one thing that this can cost you money without providing a return that you are looking to get.

4-Embed Negative Keywords
One of the easy way to minimize the unnecessary spending of your dollar is by adding negative keywords. Negative keywords are those keywords for which you don’t want to be shown on your ads. For instance, your ad is regarding “women boots” and the words like fur-lined, cheap, or hiking will be the negative keywords.

5-Improve your Quality Score of Ads

return on ads spend

When you are having higher Google quality score, you will have a lower cost per click and higher ad ranking. These are the contributing factors that play a vital role that the search engine users will see your ad and will click.

6-Adjust Bid According to Device
One of the best ways to increase your ROAS is to adjust your bids based on the device. With using Google ads, you can set different bids for tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

7-Set Bids According to Location and Time
To improve your ROAS, you need to set your ad campaign at the right time and location to drives more audience along with getting your money used properly with good ROI. You need to ensure that the time you have selected and the location you have provided is help audience in conversion.
Now you are aware of the importance of ROAS. If you want to improve your ROAS, then you need to contact PPC experts for the right guidance.