7 Tips to Improve Your Average Click Through Rate

Average Click Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of ad clicks to the ad impression for your ads run on Google, Facebook, or on other paid ad campaigns. The CTR varies according to the platform you have selected to run your ad campaign. For instance, the average CTR for Google is 2% and Facebook is 0.9%.

To improve your average, click through rate in your ad campaigns, you need to follow the seven tips listed below:

1-Understand your Audiencedefiine your audience

Every business is trying to increase their audience so they can boost their sales and get high ROI. To get your target achieved you first need to understand your audience and then create a plan to target them in your ad campaigns.

2-Add a Compelling Ad Copy

To instantly grab the attention of your audience you need to ensure that your ad copy is attractive. It should be giving the right message to your audience.

3- Use Specific Keywords

Your audience is specific so you need to use specific keywords to target the right audience. These keywords will help you in attracting the right people toward your business. You should also use long-tail keywords to be more specific.

4- Go for Ad Extension for Enhanced VisibilityAd-extensions

If you are looking to enhance your visibility, then you need to use the ad extension for the satisfactory results. The different types of ad extension that you can utilize in your ad campaign includes callout extensions, location extensions, call extension, site link extension, structured snippet extension, price extension, message extension, review extension, and app extension.

5-Embed Strong Call-to-action

To drive the attention of your audience and to educate them about the next step to be done after reaching the add is through the use of a strong and engaging CTA.

6-Place Your Bidding Keyword in your URLURL-meaning

To maximize your opportunity to get found during the search and to improve your visibility you should add your bidding keyword in your URL. This will help you in getting the positive results you have wished for.

7- Testing is the Keytesting

You need to test various things to get the desired thing that will provide you the satisfactory results. Test again and again.

These seven tips will help you in improving your average CTR. If you are not considering this as your cup of tea, then you can contact PPC experts for best results.