5 Social Media You Should Use for Customers

Every business tries his best to improve their visibility. They are looking for the right platform to increase their visitors. Social media platforms can be one of the best places to attract more audience. But the question, which one is the best?

Following are the five types of social media platforms that can help you in increasing more customers:

1-Facebook Marketing facbook

Facebook is having 2 Billion monthly active users. The people using it are between the age of 25 to 54. You can be using Facebook for generating more brand awareness, bringing more leads, driving more traffic, and providing the best customer service.

2-Instagram Marketing insta

Instagram is having 1 Billion active users. You can use it to attract more audience. You can take advantage of the Instagram stories to engage with your audience. You can also use Instagram ads to showcase your products and services.

3-Pinterest Marketing pinterest

It is a visually oriented social media platform.  In this platform, users are able to create visual digital bulletin boards and you can organize them into different categories. You can search pins on Pinterest that are related to beauty, do it yourself projects, weddings, travel, photography, exercise, and food/recipes. If your business falls in any category, then you should use Pinterest for positive results.

4-LinkedIn Marketing linkedin

LinkedIn is having 260 Million users and it is one of the professional networking platforms. If you are planning to engage with the audience on a professional scale, then this the right choice for you

5-Twitter Marketing twitter

People under age 50 use this platform. It is ideal for business as it helps in generating leads, creating positive opinion, providing support, building awareness, building a community, and developing though leadership.

Hope these five platforms will help you in marketing your business. You can also get professional help by getting in touch with social media experts to get benefits.