Social Media Hashtags- All You Need to Know

Hashtags are playing a key role in social media platforms. If you are not familiar with it, allow us to explain it to you along with other useful information.

What is hashtag?

A Hashtag is a simple pound sign or hash mark. A hashtag on social media is a keyword or phrase that comes before the hash symbol (#). The hashtag is spelled out without space.

How does Hashtag work in Social Media?

The practical use of hashtags for social media marketing are as follows:

  • It helps you to categorize your social media post according to the topic, marketing campaign, and purpose.
  • It allows you to create your own branded hashtag and you can see how many people are posting your hashtags.
  • It helps you to raise awareness and attract more customers.

6 Strategies to be Used for Social Media Hashtags

Following are the six strategies that you can be used for social media marketing with hashtags:

Expand your Audience Reach

1-Expand your Audience Reach: This will help you in increasing the organic traffic, building linking opportunities, and helping you to reach your target audience.

2- Look and Join Conversation on Social Media

You can use hashtags to participate in one of the trending conversations. Once you find it out, participate in it to start a conversation with people.

3- It provides a way for social listening, research, and product development. You can use these metrics to know about the pain points of your audience.hash tag

4- You can create branded hashtags to attract more people toward your campaign. For instance, the branded hashtag used by Coca Cola company “# ShareaCoke”.

5- You can use hashtags to drive the engagement for your event. Use hashtags to attract the clients toward your business. You can also arrange a poll using the right hashtags.

6- You can be building a huge community by engaging with your audience using the hashtags. You should take advantage of social media trends to create your hashtag communities.

Types of Social Media Hashtags

social media hash tags

  • Brand Specific Hashtags
  • Trending Hashtags
  • Content Hashtags

Creating Hashtags

When creating your hashtags, you need to use capital letters, keep it short, don’t just use a word for a hashtag.

These were some details about the hashtags that you need to know.If you are planning to start your social media campaign, then you can get guidance from social media experts to get the job done right.