Instagram vs Pinterest- Which One to Choose for Business

Social media platforms are the best tools to boost your business sales and attracting a good number of traffic. Today we will be looking at Instagram and Pinterest. These both are significant and frequently used platforms by the users. Two of the important reason that makes these both platforms used are listed below:

  • Both the platforms are visual-centric.
  • Both the platforms are having their own unique selling points.

Your selection to choose one of the platforms for the marketing purpose should be according to your social media marketing goals.

What is Instagram?


It is a platform where people upload their picture and share it with other audience. Similarly, the businesses share their product and share their services to attract the audience. You can do the sharing and uploading work on your smartphone, this make it handy to be used.

What is Pinterest?

pinterestIt is like a visual bookmarking tool. It can be turned into a web-based bulletin board. One of the best features of Pinterest is that you can easily organize your content by pinning it according to your need.

Some Statistics About Instagram and Pinterest

  • The people between the age group of 18 to 29. 53% of the them uses Instagram and 34% uses Pinterest.
  • People in the age group of 30 to 49. 25% uses Instagram and 28% uses Pinterest.
  • People with the age group of 50 to 64. 11% uses Instagram and 27% uses Pinterest.

These were some of the details about the usage of both platforms. You need to select the platform according to your business need, your audience, and your business goals to get success. Moreover, if you are looking for guidance regarding social media usage, then you need to contact social media experts for the best results.