SEO is an old but a powerful tool to increase your visibility on the search engines. Most of you think that it is a hard nut to crack but that’ not the case. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the effective SEO techniques to be used in 2019.

Let’s get started and remember most of them are basic but cause a great impact on your overall SEO performance:

1-Reshape your Titles and Headings

You need to optimize your titles and headings to add the relevant keywords. The title tag is having a significant place in the search optimization so make sure your keyword is placed properly. Similarly, H1 is important as it is the first thing on your first page so add a proper keyword.

2-Pay Attention to Pages Navigation on Website

Navigation is the structural element of your website and you should pay attention to it. The reason is, it is the primary thing linking to other pages and it is mostly at the top of the page that gives a lot of value. Due to this, the Homepage is having high authority on all websites because the logo on every page is linked to it.

3-Integrating Breadcrumbs to Pages

If you are having an e-commerce website it will be beneficial to add breadcrumbs. They are important because they structure inside your website. With the use of breadcrumbs, you can combine the power of Category pages by linking them with your subcategories list and relevant products.

4-Go for Tracking on your Website

Tracking is a significant element in your SEO. It will help you in tracking the traffic and ranking of your website. If you are not tracking these two metrics, then you are not able to identify the issues on your website.

5-Consider Installation of SSL Certificate

Why SSL certificate? The answer is simple, you need it because of security. SSL is a ranking factor since 2014. Cybercrime are increasing day by day and people are sharing sensitive data on the web so you need security. Your hosting provider can also help you in this regard.

6-Optimize Your Images

SEO goal

Images that are not optimized or compressed takes more time to load that reduces your website loading speed. The loading speed is a crucial factor in SEO because your user will not visit your website again if it does not load faster. Optimizing it should be your significant SEO goal.

7-Focus on your Maps Listing

This metric offers great value to your website. Using Google My Business, you can list your website multiple times on Google. Moreover, you can also link it back with your website. This will help your audience to reach you easier even if you are not ranking well.

8-Link with Authority Website

You should link to relevant website authority that helps in improving your website ranking. Quality backlinks are important for Google and that why Google encourages webmasters to link with great content. In addition, also focus on interlinking your web pages with keyword rich anchor texts for relevancy.

Hope you like these SEO tips to improve your performance in 2019. Implement them and this will surely benefit you.


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