2018 was a big year for PPC world and now in 2019, the things will be further pushed to extend the limits. We have seen huge changes in Google AdWords which is now known as Google Ads. It is providing more features, targeting tools, and options for better productivity.

Moreover, we also saw changes in the Bing Ads as it having more enhanced features, targeting options, report and more. But one of the great news in the advertising sphere was the availability of LinkedIn Profile targeting.

Today, we will be looking at some of the significant trends for PPC in 2019. Read ahead:

1-Focus on Audience Instead of Keywords

Previously, we used to focus on keyword but now the rules are changed. The audience should be your main target when designing your PPC campaign.

2-More Human Intelligence and Automation

Automation has arrived and it is holding a significant place in the PPC market along with human intelligence. You should be expecting more from these additions.

3-Look for Amazon Advertisement and Alternatives

Amazon is coming in the horizon of advertisement and it is one of the major e-commerce platforms. You can’t ignore its importance and you should also look at the Facebook, Bing, and Google Ads for PPC marketing.

4-PPC Marketers and Account Management

PPC Marketers and Account Management

PPC managers will try their best to manage the accounts to give away the best results. But AI (Artificial Intelligence) is slowly gaining a place in the field so wait and see when AI will remove the human from the seat.

5-Advertising Channel Diversification

The advertisement channel is vast due to the presence of 150 marketing and content delivery channels. Keeping this in mind, the brands will be changing their strategies to achieve their goals. The focus will be on running campaigns on multiple channels.

6-Gear Up for Attractive Ads

The competition in the field of advertisement is increasing so marketers are looking for the best way to make their ads more attractive to drive audience toward themselves.

7-Spend on Video Ads

People are more attracted to visuals so spending on video ads can benefit your business in more productive way.

8-Remarketing Will Stay

Remarketing is an approach to target the audience again that might be interested in your products or services. It will definitely help business to maximize their profits.

Hope you will keep these PPC trends in mind for 2019 and will work on developing more strategies related to PPC to benefit your business.

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