Writing blogs for your professional skills and experiences. It is really worth to have all these in writing but what if you would like to get popular on based of these blogs ?

The Only hack then comes in is good SEO for your blog which can help you bringing your blogs on top ranking in search engines and get more traffic and become viral blog.

We are going to focus on few seo tips which can help such writers to become more know globally by doing SEO on their blogs to attract more traffic and more audience for their contents pilling up the blogs for so long without any traffic.

SEO An Incredibly Easy Methods That Works For All.

How To Create A Readable Post?

When we say Readable post means that a visitor to your blog should come and stay through out the end and get conclusion of your writing, it means that you are good in writing and capturing the audience attention.
SEO Techniques

Fans of  your blogs writing 

Everything should be made as simple.

Due to SEO you should not think of writing for search engines but you should write you blogs for your users who needs to read. The thumb rule should be everything should be made as simple as possible. write simple blogs without using high technical terms instead. This can lead more visitors to your blog and your blog can be viral over the search engines. .

  1. Appearance (right Theme) choice : The blog you were writing  for your business or service should have a theme. Clients can easily recognise what services provide your site by the help of theme. The theme must be high quality with the smart menu and access keys. If you want to get a unique blog, you must apply this SEO tips for your site. A theme makes the website professional and catchy to the viewers. Anyone can access in your website being attracted to the theme of your website or niche. You have to set a cover image that will mean the business of your site. Also, try to keep the texts large when you write the name of your business or products.
  2. Keyword Generating:
    The most important part of SEO tips is keyword generating. You have to generate some keywords that are suitable for your blog. When you choose the keyword for your site, you have to maintain the search volume level for each keyword. From there you can choose the best-suited keyword. The keyword is the main factor of search engine optimization. So when you generate LSI keywords, you can take help of google search engine or use keywords generating tools. High volume keywords are mostly searched by the clients. Your website will get huge terrific when you can add mostly used keywords. You can also add low volume keyword to get traffic in your site.
  3. Content Writing & Submission:
    You also need unique written content for your blog. This SEO tips will lead you to get blog or niche ranked fast. The keywords you research for your website is used in content. The keyword search volumes in your content help it to get ranked. You have to manage traffic in your site by unique and high-quality contents. The content must have proper information what people are searching for in internet. Make the titles of the content catchy including catchy keywords in it. The introduction of the content is expected catchy to the clients who visit sites.
  4. Image & Video Adding: You have to add multimedia in your blog posts. When submitting contents, you have to add images and videos in each Para. The number of image and video contents should be considered to add for five times highest. You have to add multimedia videos from a unique source. Also try to add some images from unique source which is not available in google. Thus your submitted text and multimedia contents will remain attractive to the clients. You have to use the text in a systematic way with the multimedia items. This one is an important one of the SEO tips. You have to add alter text for the image you share for the products or service during submission.
  5. Doing Backlinks:
    You have to take part in backlink SEO tips to rank your blog. A website link needs to be shared in different types of sites. The backlinks are done in two ways and these are “Do follow backlink” and “No follow backlink”. If you do work on this system you can do backlink of your site in other professional websites. It will help to bring the visitors to you site in an easy way. When visitors will click on the backlinks they will be re-directed to your site instantly. If clients find important information, they will stay long time in your site. This kind of activity will enhance the traffic of your site.

In the light of above SEO tip you are going to get ranked in google for sure and get more traffic after search engines will index crawl your latest blogs .