9 SEO Hacks to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO can help you in staying ahead of your competition if you are using it properly. Following are the nine SEO hacks that can help you to stay ahead of the competitions:

1-You should pay a lot of attention on creating evergreen content. The content is the key to attract the audience and engage with them.

2-You should rich snippets. When you appear in rich snippets this makes your search engine result page unique and informative.

3-You need to pay attention to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR). By increasing your CTR you are also increasing your ROI.

4-It is recommended to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Google favors the website that is using HTTPS.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

true star of website

5-Your homepage is the true star of your website. Your homepage is the most visited page and it attracts the most amount of the backlinks.

6-Keep your ear open and listen to your customers. Ask them what more they want to see from your side.

7-To stay ahead of the curve, you need to create the content that is having a long form. You also need to ensure that you are creating quality content.

8-You should implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is one of the important hacks that gets missed most of the time.

9-You should also optimize your images. Add a description, add the ALT attribute, trim down the size of your images, and choose JPEG file type for best quality images.

These were some of the best hacks that can benefit you. Moreover, you can contact SEO experts to make your ranking, sales, and conversion better.