3 Misconception About Google Play Store Listing

App store optimization is essential if you want to rank your app properly in the search engines. Today, we will be looking at the three misconceptions about the Google Play Store Listing:

1-No Cost to Use Google Play Listing Experiments

You will not pay any extra for conducting a Google experiment test. It is a free tool present within the Play Console and every Android Developer can use it. Use variations properly for more install and be careful with weak variation as it is will cost your real installs.

Misconception About Google Play Store Listing

2-Driving Improvements in Conversion Rate

You can conduct a test on many assets including Icon Poster Frame, Short. and Long Description, Video, and Screenshots. In Google Play Console you can check which variation get the more installs.

3-You Can Learn About Appropriate and Actionable Insights

According to win and loss variation in Google experiments, you can learn about the audience response. You can make good assumptions about which one is working and which one not.

Hope now you are clear about these misconceptions. If you need any assistance from professionals to optimize your app. You can get in touch with app store optimization experts for the right guidance.

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